Featured Artist

Ulu by Devon M Robinson made from Hetian Jade
Devon M Robinson b. 1995

A member of the Chinook Indian Nation located in Bay Center Washington. The Chinook Indian Nation is a confederation of the five most western tribes, the Lower Chinook, Clatsop, Willapa, Wahkiakum and Cathlamet located in SW Washington State near the mouth of the Columbia River.

Being the son of Chinook artist Greg A Robinson, Devon has been exposed to the Columbia River art-form from an early age. During his youth, he experimented with various art forms from drawing, to clay, to painting, and even 3D computer graphics.

Starting in Early 2016 he began an apprenticeship under his father, and began learning the Columbia River art style properly. He started with stone-working, producing various small carvings made of materials such as Jade, and Steatite. Soon after, Devon began working with wood to carve more traditional pieces, drawing inspiration primarily from his father’s work, as well as the stories, and artifacts of the Columbia River People.

Adze Blade by Devon M Robinson made from WA State Black Jade